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The expectations of customers for energy providers are constantly increasing. Our modern PowerApps offer modern customer communication and powerful business processes directly from powercloud systems. powerdata has been developing integrations for the powercloud since 2019.

  • SFTP server included in standard 
  • GLOBE: Reconciliation of general ledgers and subledgers 
  • Order import from third-party portals such as Verivox and Check24 
  • Event Hub for the time-controlled processing of event-specific actions 
  • Abstraction layer through API management 
  • Additional authentication processes 
  • Granular access rights to event data, broken down to individual fields 
  • Access to your economic data out of the powercloud 
  • Synchronisation through automated, near real-time data synchronisation 
  • Visualisation of your data in dashboards 
  • Standard and customised reports as report delivery for advanced data analysis 
  • Advanced OPM (output management) capabilities 
  • Payment service provider integrations for more flexibility 
  • Credit checks and collections for improved risk management 
  • Customer surveys and fullfillment integrated into powercloud for improved customer satisfaction 


Our PowerApps have been used by several customers since years and are constantly being developed.



The PowerApp IntegrationLayer is a middleware that enables you to integrate third-party systems, partners and processes with the powercloud. This integration layer acts as a framework and allows us to flexibly map all technically possible integrations. The IntegrationLayer already comes with several applications that can be deployed quickly and flexibly after consultation with customers




In accordance with the ZUGFeRD and X-Invoice standards, you can use our E-Invoice PowerApp to transform your invoices and have them sent to your customers automatically. For this purpose, E-Invoice uses the invoice PDF or XML created by powercloud, as well as the data available in the system, in order to enable you to use electronic invoicing without media discontinuity.

By applying the EN16931 schema of version 2.1 of the electronic invoice, our solution is also equipped for requirements that go beyond the mandatory part and can therefore also meet more extensive requirements.




The Datasync PowerApp offers a simple and secure connection to the Powercloud databases and provides the basis for using the data in third-party systems such as PowerAnalytics.

Your data is initially loaded and updated by means of Change Data Capturing (CDC) and thus alwaysremains up-to-date.

For data storage and processing, we use AWS S3 and Redshift, which run exclusively on European servers (AWS Region EU-Central (Frankfurt)) in compliance with DSGVO. Secure access is providedby a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows persons of your choice to access the data.

The data stored in this way can also be linked to external data sources, for example to createdependencies and connections between data records.


power analytics


The PowerApp PowerAnalytics combines several functions that allow the user to accumulate, analyzeand graphically present the data provided by the Datasync.

  • PowerBI
    For the graphical processing of the data we use PowerBI (Microsoft), which comes with a set ofstandard reports. In cooperation with our customers, these reports are continuously developed further, whereby everyone always benefits from the further developments. In addition, a section forcustomized reports is under development to meet special requirements.
  • Direct data access
    If the “normal” functions of PowerAnalytics are not enough for you and your power users have further requirements, we can also set up access options to the database area on request. Here you can createyour own queries via SQL (JDBC/ODBC).
  • Reporting Delivery
    As an additional option, Reporting Delivery is an automated, configurable and scheduled system forcreating customized and standard reports. Reports are stored in target directories on a scheduled basis. In addition, used SQL queries are stored in the customer area of the database, allowing reports to begenerated on demand.
  • Database Snapshot
    If you want to “freeze” your data on a specific date, such as for a year-end closing, the databasesnapshot is the solution you are looking for. If desired, this snapshot can also be integrated intoPowerBI as a separate instance for further analysis.


power ops

The power:OPM solution brings the capabilities and flexibility of modern output management withseamless integration into the powercloud.

Your customers have different preferences when it comes to receiving business communications? Noproblem! Always reach your customers the way they want to be reached – whether by print, email, portal or SMS. power:OPM is based on the powercloud communication matrix, in which yourcustomers’ communication preferences can be easily configured and thus enables true omnichanneloutput management.

Intelligent templates serve as the foundation for consistent and individual customer communication. Requirements such as the rule-based output of elements, dynamic graphics or barcodes (QR codes, Datamatrix and many more) are no longer a problem and can be easily met with them. The templatescan be used directly from powercloud events to create the desired content and send it directly via theappropriate channels, either completely automatically or by the push of a button.

power:OPM is available as a cloud solution and handles even large mass jobs reliably and easily due to its performance-optimized architecture.

For easy editing of templates and models the Content Hub, a modern, web-based designer, isavailable on request. With the Content Hub, texts, logics, tables, graphics, etc. can be created and edited easily and without in-depth IT knowledge.

power:OPM offers the following output formats and channels:

  • Print
  • HTML e-mails
  • PDF/A for archiving
  • SMS
  • Portal
  • Electronic invoice formats
  • More on request


power OPM interactive

The power:OPM interactive solution offers completely new possibilities for creating customizedcorrespondence out of powercloud with a flexible and at the same time secure end-to-end process. Your powercloud users can interactively edit documents using the web editor, which has beenspecially developed and optimized for this purpose and is already in use by over 100,000 users.

Your customers and their concerns are individual. In order to achieve a high level of customer loyalty, it therefore also requires individual communication tailored to them. This is when power:OPMinteractive comes into play and reveals its full strength. Through the seamless integration inpowercloud, the required data (recipient data, contract data,…) is transferred with the push of a buttonand the document is made available for individual editing in the modern WYSIWYG editor ofpower:OPM interactive. This saves time and avoids errors compared to conventional methods withWord templates or copy & paste.

The integrated guide leads through the entire editing process and ensures, together with functionssuch as the insertion of reusable modules and automatic spell checking, that powercloud users not only reach their goal fast but also safely. In addition, process security can be ensured by configuringthe editor and setting editing permissions. To send out the customer correspondence the powerclouduser simply selects the desired channel and is done with the editing. power:OPM interactive thenensures the delivery to the output channels, including e-mail, print, SMS, portal or archive.

power:OPM interactive is available as a cloud solution and can be used as an extension of thepower:OPM solution or as a standalone solution.


Further solutions with powercloud connection

Using the order importer, your sales partners can store standardized CSV files on the SFTP server, which are recognized and read in fully automatically by the importer. When the data is read in, it is processed and transferred to the powercloud, and a log file is created for the user for tracking purposes.

In order to integrate your business processes securely with the powercloud, the API interfaces can be released selectively and individually via the API management. This allows you to control which process / partner gets access to which APIs and even to which content. Additionally, partners can receive your dedicated credentials to ensure maximum security and control.

The GLOBE interface provides the reports from the Globe module of the powercloud in a downloadable format. You can configure the layout of the files created in this way according to your wishes, for example, to display them in a familiar layout. Basic calculations are also possible, e.g. to provide gross / net amounts.

The SFTP server is the basis of several functions, such as the order importer or the GLOBE interface, to exchange and store files securely and efficiently between systems. As a cloud storage, this solution is highly available, scalable and secured via current authentication methods. If desired, additional configurations and setups can be added to the included users to best integrate the server into your business processes.

As an extension of the order importer, a confirmation procedure can be started via e-mail verification. Here, the customer is asked for confirmation and, if necessary, also for his explicit consent to use his e-mail. The communication can be controlled via a template that can be customized by the user.

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